HalloweenExpress.com has ZERO customer service!

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This place wins the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE award!I ordered a costume for a bachelorette party, but a few minutes later, I found the same costume online for much cheaper.

Since they have a guaranteed refund policy, I figured I'd just email them to cancel my order so I can get a full refund. I wanted to save them the trouble of having to ship the item to me. The customer service rep I chatted with, DEB, was so incredibly rude and basically said that the item I ordered was about to be shipped so they would not issue me the refund. I asked if there was any way she can intervene since technically it has not been shipped yet, but she didn't want to lift a finger.

In fact, she became more irate and rude as I kept trying to ask her to help me. She said I literally have to receive the item, then send it right back for the refund, which means I now have to spend more money sending the item back to them! Not only is it extremely wasteful on an environmental standpoint, but it makes absolutely no business sense!!! Ridiculous!

DEB, I'm surprised your pea sized brain allows you to hold down a job, let alone one that requires decent customer service.


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